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Out of Your Comfort Zone

Posted on June 20, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

Sure, life has its challenges and we are all moving at the speed of light, but how many of us move out of our comfort zone? This is a pretty substantial challenge that faces many people throughout the world. Sometimes the world we view is based solely on our perception from the safety of our own little world. While others, take the risk to leave their own utopia and see what is truly going on the other side of perception. Today, let's talk about getting out of our comfort zone……

Yes, life is not easy but I do believe that God intended it to be this way. Why else would he have given us the skills and intelligence we have? I firmly believe that our time on this earth is meant to serve a purpose, or as I have mentioned before….its a tryout for God to truly understand who we are and where our heart is for our fellow man.

If we accept this premise for the sake of the discussion, then it would be safe to assume that we are not to sit by complacently and watch the world go by. It's our God given direction to go make a difference in the lives that we can reach. Yes, the biggest impact may be to those closest to you, but we should not stop there. You have resources and knowledge that can make a huge difference to others outside of your inner circle.

I am blessed to have learned this lesson by being able to move outside of my own little world straight out of college. I moved to Chicago, IL having been there for only 12 hours for an interview and the next thing you know, I am moving there. I knew no one, but looked at it as an opportunity to grow and start my career. Yes, it was a very scary time for me, but it also was the beginning of me realizing that there was a whole new world that I needed to see. What I didn't realize until many years later, it was actually a part of God's plan for my life. My experiences that grew from this leap of faith have been impossible to relay into words, but it is a journey that I still continue today.

During my journey, I have come to realize that there are great people everywhere, and yes, bad ones too. The real issue is to surround yourself with as many good people as possible and then watch what God does with the joint team. Your skill sets are all unique, and yet when combined they become one body in Christ that can make miracles happen. I love watching Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, and Construction workers all work in unity. Their focus is on their area of skill, but when combined…..the footprint left is astounding.

So what do you need to do to take that first step? Trust yourself, and trust your faith. God has prepared you to make the move out of your comfort zone. Your journey will be unique and quite possibly be different from anyone else. That's one of God's little blessings……you and how unique you are! I can assure you that you will be thankful that you made the effort, and the result will be a life-changing experience. I look forward to talking to you at some point and looking back to this moment and watching your face as you realize that God had a plan for you all along and was just waiting for you to make the move! Pretty awesome stuff!