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Organization, Focus, and Faith

Posted on July 1, 2017 in General Ministry, Management, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The world is comprised of a lot of really great people that want to make a difference in the lives of others.  How they go about doing that is the challenge, as motivation to make a difference is just step one!


The worst thing any non-profit or ministry can do is provide a lot of hype to a project, but then fail to execute it the right way.  I have seen many examples of groups, that have wonderful intentions, get people together, raise a lot of money, and then their organization or team is not prepared to deliver in an efficient manner.  These are good organizations, but telling a good story to motivate people is just the beginning.   You must have a process and a team that understands their roles so that you can take full advantage of these resources when needed.  Gathering up people and resources and then failing to use them as desired can lead to people not wanting to engage and even worse….the people you are seeking to help not being helped.  Unacceptable!

I have worked with leaders at all levels – Community, City, State, National, and International and the answer is the same…have a strategic plan, make sure your team understands their roles, and be sure that your volunteers, donors, and supporters also understand the goals and objectives.  It’s what I call Transparency 101.  If everyone knows their role and how they fit in the strategic plan, great things will happen and people will be impacted in a very positive way.


I am honored to be a Follower of Jesus and my faith is at the core of what motivates me to serve.  He has called me into service, but we must never forget that the calling is to use the gifts He has given us to make a difference in the lives of others.  We must seek to do our part, and then you will see God take care of the rest.  I have seen it on the streets of my hometown, and I have seen it in the slums of the developing world.  A solid transparent strategy, combined with a motivation through our faith, is a winning proposition.

How are you going to engage and impact your world today?  Step out of the cocoon you live in and you will find many ways to make a difference will be right there in front of you.  Engage!