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Optimizing Ministry…always, not just when its convenient.

Posted on March 24, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

Recently, I was approached about being “heavy handed” and “un-Christian” because we are insisting upon full transparency, accountability, and reporting in order to be eligible as a MMI affiliate organization. It's a typical response from those that are not used to being accountable.

Ministries have functioned in a variety ways over the years, some have existed despite dysfunctional management and processes. They have done some good work, but their impact could have been so much more. God has provided resources and skills for the Ministry to thrive, anything short of optimizing these resources to the best of their ability is not the stewardship God expects from us.

Interestingly, many people perceive accountability as a negative. In fact, its actually a great tool that can make their job easier in the long run. Rules and processes are not red tape or bureaucracy, but a structure that can be utilized to ensure that the operation is on target. It's actually a good thing. You must accept responsibility and live up to the role that other ministry members expect and are counting on you.

Stewards, Volunteers, and Donors will hold the Ministry accountable. They want to know that you are doing exactly what the Ministry says you are doing. MMI will do just this, any facility, Project Team, or Residency Training Program that receives MMI international support must be in unison with MMI structure and procedures. If they are not, then we will love them, but not utilize MMI resources to support something that we can be assured that they are accountable and who we say they are.

God expects nothing less.