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Nurses – The Unsung Heroes

Posted on May 5, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

May 6 -12 is International Nurses Week.  A time to bring much deserved recognition to the men and women behind the scenes that make the work of medical facilities possible.  It’s a nurse that through her/his 12 hours shift is right there by your side, ensuring that you are taken care of during your time of need.  It’s a pretty thankless job at times, but the reward of providing care so that others may be healed is what makes it all worthwhile.



Medical Ministry International is blessed to have nurses from all over the world volunteer and also serve on staff at the various medical facilities and programs we operate.  These are the people on the front line, whether it be the nurse at MMI Clinica Leticia that spent 8 straight hours of manual oxygen therapy so that a young infant could be saved, or the nurse that provides a small cup of water to woman who has just come out of a fibroid surgery in Africa.  This is ministry at its highest level, but also at is most personal.  That’s what nurses do, they are the guardian angels that will do whatever is necessary so that you have a chance to get better.  There motivation is to see you get well and go back to your families.

That willingness to serve is a key factor in helping to make the work of MMI possible.  We seek to find the poorest of the poor and let them know that God loves them and we want to help them to get well.  The very first point of contact many times is the nurse that seeks to understand and provide the type of care that is required for each patient.  They help to comfort the family and also explain further what the doctors are trying to do.  It’s a very special role of healer, counselor, and an expression of love.  If you think about it, Jesus provided the example that we are all asked to follow and there is not a role that shows this more than a nurse.


As we celebrate International Nurses Week, please take a moment to share your stories of how a nurse has impacted your lives and those around you.  Thank God for these heroes!

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