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“Noah” – It’s A Movie

Posted on March 28, 2014 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy as the hype surrounding the movie Noah has reached ridiculous levels.  The conversation has been from all sides of the subject and the director and writer of the script have not done themselves any favors by trying to be “politically correct” in their discussions about the movie.  The dialogue continues, but from my perspective, its all good.  Why?  Because people are going back to The Bible to read it for themselves!

noah 7


Many Christian Leaders that I know personally have seen the movie and have said that the depictions of the details found in The Bible are accurate, but we must keep in mind that there are only 3 Chapters in Genesis that actually tell the story of Noah.  There is limited amount of material to work with and thus to tell the story means that the screenplay and direction will have to take the bold step to try an depict the gaps that exist.  This is where the problem comes in.

Many who are reacting to the depiction in the movie are frustrated with the tact that the movie takes while trying to fill in these gaps in the story.  That’s really a good thing as people need to have a reason to debate and discuss any story in The Bible  as discussion is never a bad thing.  What is bad is those that come out with an opinion based on someone else telling them what to think.  Go read the story it starts in Genesis 5 and goes through Genesis 8and then go see the movie for yourself if you wish.  Then talk about it with friends, family, Bible Study Groups, Sunday School, etc. as the more we talk about God’s word the better!

I haven’t seen the movie, but I will go to see it to understand the liberties that were taken to make the story into a movie.  I am not going thinking it is a documentary on the life of Noah, but an artistic composition based on the Biblical story.  It is my hope that it will cause all kinds of dialogue and debate as we are much better off talking about God’s word than politics and the latest politically correct agenda put forth.

I will share the video that my friend Phil Cooke’s team put together about Noah and Christian Leaders opinions who have actually seen the movie…

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