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No Matter The Elements

Posted on December 6, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Just about the time you think you are aware of all the challenges that lie before you, something new comes forth to disrupt all of your plans. This is an exact description of awaking this morning in Dallas as the MMI International Board joins for our meeting to do the work of MMI. Over 1000 flights were canceled, and yet somehow, someway, our Board continues to struggle through the delays, cancelations, etc. to get to Dallas because they know that the work of the ministry is of the highest priority.

The International Board of Medical Ministry International are all volunteers, they pay their own way and yet sacrifice their time and resources to help the ministry serve the poorest of the poor. Every single member of this Board has been in the field working with MMI staff and volunteers. Their motivation? To help secure the funding, support, and providing the oversight to ensure that the ministry is exactly what it strives to be. It’s a very important role and these people are willing to brave the toughest of conditions to help make this all possible.

It takes a lot of courage to assume a Board role for any organization, but when it is a non-profit ministry that does much of its work with volunteers, an additional element provides some interesting challenges. Anyone that wishes to serve with MMI is motivate either through their faith or their compassion to reach the poor and give them a chance at life. This in no way means that this all can be accomplished by just volunteering and praying that all happens. God has blessed this ministry with the leadership and intelligence to do our part and develop the systems, processes and accountability that ensures that every gift is optimized in service for the less fortunate. We must do our part and then God fills in the rest!

Please keep this group in your prayers the next few days as we continue to deal with the difficult weather and travel challenges. The ministry is working hard to raise the funding needed to continue to address the capacity building programs that allow us to come alongside the poor and help them to help themselves. This is never about us, but about those we serve. We can do the work, but we need the money and volunteers that are willing to join our efforts to not turn away any person in line.