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New Year, New Beginning

Posted on January 4, 2016 in General Ministry | 0 comments

I will be the first to admit, the whole New Years Eve thing is way overblown to our family.  We choose to celebrate the time off the roads and there are many times that I don’t make it to Midnight.  The celebrations are fine for some, but the significance of the date is more important as it relates to a time to retire the past and begin to build for the future.

Turning the Page 1

Life is a series of challenges that help to define how we choose to handle ourselves and also determine our path for the future.  We are called to learn, get better, and continually seek God’s guidance in defining our future.  The New Year is a symbolic example of a time to retire the things we are no longer able to change, and use the wisdom of the past to help make our future better.  God gave us the biggest reset ever when He sent His only Son to sacrifice Himself so that our sins are forgiven.  Talk about the epitome of a “do over” for all of us!  The day you took the leap of faith and accepted Jesus into your heart, your sins were washed away for good.  The journey of life, however, did not end at that moment…it was just beginning!

As a follower of Jesus, the excitement of life continues to lie before us.  We are constantly learning more about who we are, and what God has in store for us to do while on this earth.  We have been given amazing gifts that are unique to each one of us and we are to use them to impact the world around us.  We cannot change our past, but we will take what we have learned and seek to not make the same mistakes again, and positively impact those around us.  It’s our calling, and our commitment to God, family, and friends.  You future is in your hands and only you can help to define the impact you can make.

It’s a New Year and a new you!  Take a hold of your life and use your amazing talents to do great things.  You are special, unique, and the only one that has your gifts.  The only thing that will stop you is you!  Great things are ahead and they are far better than what you have just left behind!

CS Lewis