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Virtual MOB Today!!! 11:00 CT

Posted on March 26, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

The day has arrived and if all continues as previously communicated, there may be millions of people that will join together to celebrate God's Work! This is the culmination of some incredible people going above and beyond!

The MMI PR Team has taken the lead on getting the Virtual Mob communicated, organized, and ready to execute. This is a multi-faceted strategy where the team have had to develop the strategy, engage others, and then continue to fuel the swell of support. When you are dealing with multiple continents, cultures, and languages, it can be a pretty daunting task. Well done!

The MMI Program Team executes the mission of MMI. Currently operating in 22 countries around the world, the MMI Programs Team brings the love of God to those that need it most. This is God's work, and these are the people that are the “Hands and Feet” of God in action at the point of need! This MMI Virtual Mob is dedicated to the tireless commitment for service to the less fortunate!

Partners in Ministry. God has equipped many of us in different ways and we thank God for partners that join with us to change and save lives. We are but one component in an overall strategy that God has lain before us. It is an honor to serve alongside our partners as the impact is greater when we work together.

Stewards, Volunteer, and Donors. This Ministry does not exist without your help! Your passion for your fellow man and your heart for the poor is the fuel that drives God's Team! Thank you for your tireless support and know that lives are saved because of you!

We are so excited, be sure to visit our website and join in the celebration. Tweet, Post, and e-mail your friends, family, etc. so that we can make this a Virtual Flash Mob to remember! Celebrate the Power of God and some Good News!