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It’s Time to Step Up People!

Posted on March 5, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention has ended. God's Team is now headed back into the field to continue its journey in service for the Kingdom. So what can we take away from this time?

We are all one body in service for God. Each ministry and person has been given unique tools. These tools can be utilized for great work, but when combined with the skills of others amazing things can happen! It is amazing to see how many ministries are of the mindset that we should not work with others in order to not reveal our support base, or share any “secrets”. What a shame! This is God's work, all we have is His, and all we will do is in honor of Him. Let's work together to achieve all things possible!

Leadership, it is a missing element in so many ministries and once great organizations are without a succession plan. What are they thinking? Ministry is not about any one individual, it is about God and those He wants us to serve. Somewhere along the line, the message has been lost. The ministry becomes about the individual and not the cause. We can not let this continue to happen. Poor examples in ministry work hurt the entire work of the kingdom. It's not about any person, its about all of God's work. Get over yourself, and let's run the ministry to achieve optimum performance of the gifts He has provided.

Heart, there are so many great people that have given of themselves to serve. They will never be wealthy from a financial sense, but they will prosper in the Kingdom. These people are dedicated, worthy of our support, and need our prayers to watch over them as they continue to be God's voice in the darkness. This is a battle against the enemy, and he will fight harder against all that are doing great things in God's name.

Courage, too long people of faith have sat quietly while the secular world tries to tear at the core foundation of our faith. No, we have no problem with you using your voice, but do not take away our right to do the same. It's time we step up our game, be who we say we are going to be, and represent God in a way that brings visibility to our cause. Knock off the ridiculous acts and get back to living your faith in your words and deeds. Nothing drives home the message better than being a person of excellence in all you say and do. God deserves nothing less, and the team needs to understand that the better you get, the more that will try to throw you off your stride.

Are you ready to step up? You many not be able to lead the charge, but you can support those that will! Please pray for your team, support them with the gifts that God has given you, and let's get back to doing God's work!