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Marketing A Ministry

Posted on July 30, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

Many people sometimes don't understand why it is important for a Ministry to get the word out about what it is doing. It actually is one of the most important components of providing life-changing work to those we seek to serve.

The worst thing a ministry can be is a “best kept secret” as the ministry will struggle to get the resources necessary to equip our in-country staff, provide assessment of needs, and also follow-up care. MMI was originally founded on the premise that a group could get together, travel to help the less fortunate and all was good. The problem with that scenario is that in order to optimize the skills of those that serve, there is a lot of advance work and then follow-up that must take care to ensure that our ultimate goal of serving the poor is realized and successful.

We are blessed as a ministry to have over 2000 Volunteers each year volunteer, pay their own way to serve, and change lives. The fees and expenses that Project Participants provide go straight to the project they are serving on. These fees do not go towards our Health Centers, Residency Training Program, equipment, etc. and thus the ministry must raise the funds for all of our various Programs via individuals, foundations, and organizations. It's a vital need as the ministry would not have been able to provide services for over 542,000 people last year!

All this leads to marketing and fundraising to get our story out to the rest of the world. We work very hard to be as efficient as possible, and yet still work to secure the support necessary to help the ministry thrive. We also have the ability to help our Volunteers raise their own support and are continuing to ramp this effort up even more soon! You will begin to see even more effort starting to occur on behalf of the ministry. Please pray for this team as they are on the front lines of getting the support necessary to help the staff and volunteers on the front lines of service for the less fortunate.

It's a team effort, and we all function as one body each part having a vital role to play to execute our ministry. Every single time you wear a MMI Shirt or tell the MMI story you are helping to further this effort along. We have seen great things happen in a very short period of time, but the best is yet to come. Tell the world, and know that we are working to do the same! Together, we can make miracles happen!