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Looking for a “Feel Good” Vacation?

Posted on April 29, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

Over the last few years, many media outlets have brought attention to the concept of people volunteering to go help others, but it really becomes more of a sightseeing trip with little impact on those that you seek to serve. There are even cruises that have been designed to give all the comforts of home to people while they cruise the shores of underdeveloped countries.  Unfortunately, there are situations like this happening every day while organizations like Medical Ministry International are actually doing exactly what they have said they have gone to do.


The fact that there are organizations trying to give a “feel good” experience to a vacation is really not our issue, if that is what you want, go for it!  What is the issue is that there are many lives that are at stake and if we don’t reach them in time, no one will.  We tell our volunteers that our goal is to work them hard to reach as many as possible, why?  Because that is what they came to do!  Do we feel good about the work being done?  Absolutely!  There is nothing more rewarding to see a life transformed before your eyes and knowing that you have helped to give them a chance to live.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Medical vacations do exist, but not in the world in which we operate.  MMI’s goal is to optimize every single donation to the highest level possible.  Currently, we provide $8 in medical care for every single dollar donated to the ministry.  Imagine multiplying your resources and skills to impact those around times eight!  Our teams operate 24 hours a day and the sun never sets on the work being done in service to the less fortunate.  We cannot allow the development of these so called “vacations” distract those that have a passion to serve and a willingness to partner with us to change lives.  It is happening, every single day.  If you are looking to use your gifts, regardless if they are medical or non-medical, we have a role for you.  If you can’t go, but want to help others go on your behalf, we can do that too!  In the end, it’s all about accountability and transparency.  Just ask the questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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One thing is for sure, a trip with MMI, will be the hardest most rewarding time you have ever spent!


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