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Borrowed Time

Posted on April 23, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The events of the last few weeks have a tendency for all of us to assess our own mortality. People who have strayed from their faith will all of a sudden seek refuge and comfort from God. This is a natural reaction and a good one, as it is He from whom all good things come.

The debate related to how mankind developed continues to be a topic of conversation amongst the secular world. Those of us of faith have a tendency to ignore this debate as we know the answer and find those that seek to argue the other side to be not worth our time. Is this a good idea? I would have say adamantly, no its not. We have for too long chosen to take the easy road and just took the high ground and left them alone. This apathy has led us to where are today, a world that has minimized faith.

What is our purpose while we are living on this earth? Is it to obtain significant wealth and prestige? I don't think so. I mentioned the other day that we need to consider our limited time on this earth as a “tryout” for God. He has given us many gifts, skills, and intelligence. How are we to use these gifts? This in no way means we are not supposed to love life and enjoy the journey, but it should remind us all that we are on borrowed time.

The life of someone that gives of themselves for others is not easy. In fact many struggle daily to make an impact and change lives. The reward for their efforts is so much more than material possessions. Imagine the feeling when you see a child see his mother for the very first time and know that you helped make that happen. There is no wealth that can replace this! Yes, there are many that get caught up in daily lives and activity, but they too can help change lives through prayer and gifts so that others can serve in the field.

So how does one get involved and use the time and resources they have been given to optimize their impact. It may mean volunteering at the local community center, or maybe helping to raise visibility and resources for an organization like Medical Ministry International. How about taking a week with your family to go and impact others in a very positive way? Whatever your choice, do something, make a difference, and do it now! No one knows when our journey will end, but it will end. Have you used your gifts in a manner that makes your “tryout” a good one? We are living on borrowed time!