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Like Minds, Changing Lives

Posted on September 22, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

This weekend we had an amazing opportunity to join with people from across the world to bring awareness and support to the work of Medical Ministry International. The event was the idea of two MMI Volunteers that have caught the vision and the passion to help MMI build medical capacity and change the lives of the less fortunate. It’s a great example of the many seeds that are being planted and cultivated to ensure that the poorest of the poor have a voice.

These events also bring to light the uniqueness of the MMI model, we are intent on building infrastructure and medical capacity. This means we don’t go, do good work, and leave. We are intentional in training, prevention, and services that help the communities we serve, help themselves. We cannot build a “welfare” mentality and teach the poor to beg for help. These are proud people that are willing to invest in themselves, but need to know how and be provided the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Operating a ministry like this that many are not even aware of is one of our biggest challenges at MMI. We cannot be the “world’s best kept secret” and continue to do the work that we do. These events are such a boost to the morale of our worldwide team and they are essential in having the funding necessary to keep the work going. Do you have the ability to help us get our message out? If so, we will work with you as we did with this event to optimize the effort and continue to get the word to those that have the ability to help.

God is at work! We are honored to serve!

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