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Life and Death

Posted on May 23, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

These past few weeks we have seen many examples of living, both in survival and death. Our faith is tested at every turn and yet through it all God is there. That is at the core of ministry, being available and prepared to support each other during the struggles of life.

So let's take a look at what is meant by ministry. Ministry can be a simple act of kindness, a shoulder to cry on, or even providing a shelter from the storm. At the same time, ministry is not just a random act of kindness, but a commitment of service for the long term. There are many that become caught up in living and are blind to the plight of others. This continues until tragedy touches them and then all things change.

Death is a part of life. We are all going to end our time on this earth at some point. That being said, the way this happens could be expected or could catch us all totally off-guard. That is where ministry steps in and seeks to be an extension of love to those in need. Our ministry also seeks to deter pre-mature death and give people a chance to live and help to share God's love with others.

Now that we have established that we are all going to live and die and that ministry is about helping us through this journey, what else can ministry provide? I am glad you asked! 🙂 Ministry is an opportunity to serve others and at the same time positively impact your own lives. It's a known fact that the greatest thing that a person can do is help another person in need. You have been blessed and to share those blessings with others is the greatest gift you could provide your fellow man.

I speak to groups quite often and have had many ask me why did you give us a successful business career to join the ministry? The answer is, because I believe God has prepared me all my life with skills and resources that when put into service for Him can change lives. It's much better than making someone millions of dollars, or acquiring assets that I won't take with me when I die. It's about serving our fellow man, and allowing God to use my hands and feet in service for Him. Does that mean that we have to quit our current lives? No. You can make an impact by donating your time and resources when possible and you will find that you will be paid back multi-fold in appreciation and love.

The choice of how you live your life is yours. You can choose to be there when others need you, or you can live life in your own world. God has given you gifts, its your choice how you choose to use them. If you choose to serve others, please know that it will be the most rewarding time of your life. That's ministry and a very powerful way to share your blessings!