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Let the Whole World Hear!

Posted on January 13, 2016 in General Ministry, Volunteering | 0 comments

The human being was blessed by God with a very high level of intelligence.  We have skills and abilities that no other being was given for a reason.  There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with these gifts and how we use them will determine the impact that we make on this earth before He calls us home.

God placement

There is a lot of diatribe, confusion, and chaos happening in the world around us.  Some choose to engage, while others seek to create a bubble around them and hope that it all just leaves them alone.  The results of thousands of years of growth and development continue to make the world a much smaller place.  The invention of radio, then television, and the internet has opened the world to everyone and what was “a world away” is now right there in front of us.  Your actions today can, and do, resonate to others thousands of miles away.  This highlights the importance of using your gifts to impact the world in a positive way, and not let the bad control the message.

Being a person of faith is a position of power, not weakness.  God has called you to use your gifts to help deliver his message of hope.  Sure, He could have done it Himself, but he has empowered you with the skill to help the message reach the masses.  We use the term “Missional’ as we are called to live our faith 24/7 and realize that all we say and do makes an impression on those that can receive the message.  Technology has increased this audience and thus the world can see what we do, and more important, who we are.  It’s a great opportunity, but also a huge responsibility.  We must work to ensure that God’s message of love is heard and that good is louder than evil.

Take the opportunity to ensure that your leaders are representing your beliefs and presenting the message that you wish to be heard.  Your actions in your community are heard well outside your neighborhood and now can have an impact a world away.  Faith is power, you are in a position of strength, but only if you allow it to be heard.  The world needs to hear about God and know you do care.  Evil does not stand a chance when a positive message of strength is heard.  Don’t live in a cocoon, let the whole world hear!

Praise Him