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Posted on August 23, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

The need for leadership is often lost when it comes to ministry. Many people think that just having a passion for the cause is enough to make your passion into an efficient service to the less fortunate. This view, and the lack of strategic function can cause good intentions to be derailed despite the best of intentions.

Just read the news each morning and you will see many examples of poor or no leadership causing chaos throughout the word. Unfortunately, in many cases the lack of a leader willing to make the tough decision is at the root cause of this dysfunction. The same thing occurs in ministry.

A ministry leader must be a person of passion and compassion. That does not mean that she/he is passive, in fact it is just the opposite. A leader is willing to make difficult decisions, even when many of the decisions cause those who don't have the full picture to not agree or understand. A leader must have the big picture in mind at all times and not allow a short term popular decision, cause more problems in the long term for the ministry.

I have spent my career, both in the secular and ministry world, being a leader. Both areas have similarities in leadership, and yet can be very different too. Ministry leadership deals with a couple of very unique components, faith and the assumption that all who are on the team in their positions based off of skill. In many cases this in not even close to being the case. Many on a ministry team arrived in their roles just because they were willing to serve. No one wants to turn down a volunteer willing to help, but if the volunteer is put into a position that they don't have a clue what they are doing, your doing the ministry and volunteer a huge favor. I have said in the past one of the hardest parts of my job is to tell a volunteer that they need to go volunteer somewhere else. The biggest blessing has been that many of them come back later and thank me for having the courage to tell them the truth when others would rather the dysfunction continue because no one wants to hurt any feelings.

It the hard part of being a leader. You have to be willing to make the tough, but necessary, decision in the best interest of the ministry. This can cause much discord at time, and in many cases the leader is the one who has all the anger or disagreement heaped upon their shoulders. It comes with the territory. You must not allow those who disagree throw you off your focus. If this should occur, the strategy of making the decision will be broken and your ultimate goal could be lost in the subsequent aftermath of caving in to opinion.

Leadership can be lonely, its definitely a tough job in any profession. God didn't just pick anyone for the role, He picked you! Be humble, but decisive. Be strong, yet care. Be a person of courage, but never lose sight of those you are serving. Jesus was the ultimate example of leadership through love. It's what I use as the model for not only myself, but the ministry that I am honored to serve. Let's Change Lives!