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Just As Expected

Posted on March 30, 2014 in MMI | 0 comments

As promised, we went to see the Noah the film yesterday to get a first hand perspective of the Hollywood epic. There is no question that this film has all that you would expect from a major motion picture, plenty of drama, great cinematography, and more importantly…a lot of creative license.

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Noah, is a film that is very loosely based on the Biblical text from Genesis. Does it follow the text? Yes. Unfortunately, their is limited text and thus a lot of room for anyone, you, me, and the secular world to speculate. The issue comes with the “filling in the gaps” component of the movie. It is in no way a documentary in the same mold as Son of God was designed to be, but a creative look into what challenges Noah, his family, and those around him might have been thinking.

The movie is full of sensationalized drama, mystical effects, and the fight between good and evil. Yes, some of this can be thought provoking, but for the most part it’s just your typical Hollywood film. Nothing more, nothing less. Those that choose to pick the film apart for its take on the Bible, probably should just skip it and go read Genesis. Anyone that enjoys a movie for its creative tact and special effects should go and take it for what it is.

To bring further perspective, imagine someone trying to make a movie of The Battle at Little Big Horn.  There are some historic accounts that can help you formulate the canvas, but to know exactly what those that were involved were thinking at the time would be total speculation. We don’t know what General Custer was thinking leading up to the battle and the time that lead to his death. Did he express remorse? Did he seek help from God? We don’t know, and anyone that tries to tell the story would be just guessing and giving their perspective. That is exactly what the director, producers, and writers of Noah have done with this film.

Regardless of what perspective you have, it’s not earth shattering either way. The Bible is still God’s word and any speculation about what the people featured in the text were thinking other than what was written is just that, speculation. Some may find the perspective of Noah interesting and if it creates discussion about the Bible, great! Other that, its just a film, no more, no less.

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