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Journey of Sacrifices

Posted on April 15, 2017 in General Ministry, Lindell Foundation, Management, Opinion, Volunteering | 0 comments

There is no greater example of a Journey of Faith than the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus.  I often refer to The Bible as “Life’s Instruction Manual” and Jesus provided the perfect example of how to follow it.  I am not referring just to Jesus’ final moments on earth, but to all that happened throughout His time among us.



There is no bigger challenge in life than the everyday journey we undertake.  We seek to engage in our community, support our family, and hopefully leave all we engage with in a better place than we first encountered.  What is often overlooked is that EVERYTHING we do and encounter contributes to who we are today, not what we were yesterday.  That’s an important point to make as we continue our journey…we must learn from our experiences, and use them to enhance today.

I think about all that I have encountered in my life up to today and I am beyond thankful, not just for the good, but also the bad.  What?  You are thankful for the bad?  Yes, because all the negative things that have happened in my life have helped to shape how I handle the negatives that come forth today.  Every experience will shape us, but it’s how we allow those experiences to impact our lives that matters.  Jesus continually provided parables and teachings that helped us to decipher right from wrong, the question is do we take the time to do that now?  There are many instances in life that will disappoint us, in fact many instances could even be where we disappointed ourselves.  The real question is are you going to let that define you, or are you going to learn from it and seek to do better moving forward.  That’s life’s lesson for us.

Living is not meant to be easy, but meant to be a journey that allows us to shape who we are and will become.  Take time during your celebration of the life of Jesus to assess your own life.  Are you using your experiences to do a better job at living today?  The community around you, is it better for having you involved in it?  If you are struggling with the answers, then seek to change your course…..NOW!  It’s never too late.  Pick up The Bible, read it, no don’t just read it, study it and take it all in.  Start to apply what you learn in your own life and constantly seek God’s help through prayer.  You will soon find that all the good and bad along the way will create a life well lived.

He has Risen!  He has Risen Indeed!  Now rise up and use His example to guide you along your own path!

Sam Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of the Lindell Foundation.  You can find his thoughts at