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The Journey

Posted on March 28, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

Holy Week is a time to reflect and pay homage to the greatest sacrifice ever made for those of us who follow Jesus. During this week, I have had the opportunity to think about my own personal journey as well as the journey being taken by MMI.

Jesus was sent by God to provide an example for all of us to follow. No, we will never be perfect, in fact we are all very much flawed. The blessing is that we, as believers, have been forgiven of our sins through our faith in Him. That does not relieve us our responsibility, in fact, it makes us more responsible to use the skills and gifts He has provided to make an impact on those around us. Pretty awesome responsibility!

MMI has a similar responsibility as we are just a compilation of many that have come together to use our skills as one functioning body to bring God's love to the less fortunate. Jesus loved the meek and outcast. He is our Guide and thus His example is at the very core of our Ministry. We must do for others, as He has done for us. Anything else is straying from our designated path.

Our faith does not mean that the journey will be easy. In fact, we see the enemy continually trying to attack the good that is being done. Jesus dealt with this type of issue throughout His time on earth and I believe the purpose was to show us how to be strong in our faith and resolute in our focus. He also showed us that love can change hearts of stone. Tax Collectors could become Apostles, Fisherman became Fishers of Men, and most important the poor could inherit the earth. He provided the guide, and we are commissioned to follow.

I pray this week will be a time of reflection for you. Take the time to reflect on your blessings and the incredible gift that Jesus gave us long ago. Take up your journey of service, live your faith, and most of all live your life as He would ask you to live. You are not going to be perfect, but the journey can be extremely rewarding. Live life, give life, change lives and never forget…..It's about Him!