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It’s Not OK!

Posted on September 11, 2014 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

Much has been made in the news the last few days related to professional athlete, Ray Rice, and the video showing him knocking out his now wife with one punch to the head. This video is offensive to anyone who sees it, but it highlights a much bigger issue that we face in places where the rest of the world will most likely never see it.

The issues of abuse are many and very prevalent in the developing world. Medical Ministry International facilities and teams are the point of the spear related to situations of abuse whether physical, mental, or substance. These issues have a devastating impact on communities and the families trying to survive. Unfortunately, all too often these issues are considered normal or commonplace and people just go about their own business and allow it to occur unabated. It’s not ok, and we must hold all societies accountable.

We are seeing moral standards start to crumble in western societies, and the direct result will be an example to the developing world that being morally challenged is acceptable. That can not be a standard that is acceptable to the developed world and we must work to insist that this behavior is never accepted as ok. People have a right to live how they wish to live, but when it starts to affect the people and society around them, it’s not ok!


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