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It’s a Cup People!

Posted on November 10, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

It seems that many have become fixated on rebellion, protests, etc. and all that does is feed into the chaos that defines a society.  This mindset creates a form of chaos that allows those with ulterior motives to execute their real agenda while the arguments of basically minor issues take all the air out of the room.  Such is the situation with the infamous “red cup” issue at coffee guru, Starbucks.  History has proven that some of the most despicable acts against the world occurred while the mainstream world was focused on other more minor issues.  You see it in politics where agendas are being pushed through while the “politically correct” crowd is stirring up a bunch of attention related to a small issue in a remote area.

Just Chill

History has a tendency to repeat itself and you do not have to look too far back in time to see where distraction leads to the devastation of a civil society.  World War II began this way and it lead to not only war, but the Holocaust.  Hitler was very good at distracting world leadership while he was actively trying to instill his demented rule upon the world.  He had great success and it was only after the world caught on and many lives were lost that he was stopped from destroying the world as we knew it.  If you think that history cannot repeat itself, you will be sadly mistaken.  Social issues pale in comparison to people seeking to destroy entire populations and blow up airplanes.  Where are the protests, marches, etc. to stop evil?  They are no where to be seen and the longer people choose to sit on the sidelines or protest “red cups” the more evil will be allowed to take hold.


We are at a point where we cannot continue to allow minor issues to detract our attention away from the core moral fiber of our society.  The worldwide moral compass has been seriously damaged by a lack of leadership.  The creation of “do what you want” agendas, etc. will send the entire world into disarray, and it is already happening right now.  Sure, some of these issues warrant discussion, but they should never take away from the focus of protecting the integrity and principles that provide stability and safety for all.  It’s time to wash away the fog of confusion and bring the most important issues into full view, less we lose it all while we are not watching.

Our world is at a tipping point.  The defining issues of our survival will not be about a red cup, but about leadership.  You cannot lead by cowering to every created protest, regardless of your political alliance.  A leader must be prepared to be attacked, disliked, and in some cases despised if that is what it takes to not lose focus on protecting the moral foundation of our world.  We are not seeing this level of leadership and what it has done, is to allow chaos and protests over cups to rule the airwaves while evil continues to attack our civilization.  This cannot continue or there will not even be a place to protest a red cup any longer.


Regardless of your political affiliation, knock off the protests over minor issues, and get active in trying to ensure that our society survives the attacks that are coming from many angles.  We have been blessed, but the future for our children and their children is at stake.  Our parents did not leave us with chaos, why should we do that to our kids?  Buy your coffee where you choose to support the business, but stop spending much needed focus on such a minor issue.  The future of the world is at stake!