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Introducing Hand Up Network!

Posted on March 29, 2019 in General Ministry | 0 comments

Hand Up Network

We are thrilled to introduce you all to the Hand Up Network. Our passion has always been to serve the poorest of the poor, regardless of their location and challenges. It has led use all over world and we have seen things that can never be erased from our memory. We have also gained tremendous knowledge and experience into how to focus on the real problem and not try to place a bandage on a much larger wound. We know we must be intentional in focus and have programs that deal with the total person in order to achieve lasting success. Now with the launch of the Hand Up Network, we are bringing this expertise back into our own Communities.

The Opportunity

The challenges of life are not unique to any one part of the world, but people sometimes think significant hardship exists somewhere else and certainly not in their own backyard.  Over the last couple of decades, our team has worked to lead international ministries/non-profits that address these types of needs in the developing world with significant success.  This work was important and needed, but we began to also notice similar issues in our own communities.  People right around the corner were also struggling to survive.  These people were our neighbors and suffered from the very same challenges we were addressing elsewhere. We began to develop various projects in a few areas in the United States and quickly realized that the same focus and expertise we used internationally would also help to address the challenges here.  It’s time to help the people in our own communities and ensure that they had the same programs and opportunities to help them, help themselves.  Enter the Hand Up Network!

The Hand Up Network provides a “Hand Up” and avoids the traditional response of a “Hand Out”.  We focus our efforts on developing programs to encourage, equip and empower those who want, and are willing, to change their circumstances. These people need a “Hand Up” and an opportunity to overcome a tough season of life. We acknowledge that this is a marathon, not a sprint and there is no quick solution to any situation.  Each person will have a unique journey and we are intentional to build a foundation that helps to establish abilities and good habits that provide for long-term success. 

Engage, Volunteer, or Donate

We will be updating Programs regularly and our Dynamic Website will be replacing the current version in the near future. We are soliciting Volunteers for Hand Up Response Teams (HURTeams) for Community Outreach, Community Response, and Disaster Response. If you want to volunteer and help in your own community, we have a position for you…..NOW!

We have so much to share and in the days ahead we will start sharing the various Programs with everyone via our Social Media and Website. You can find the Hand Up Network or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (@HandUpNet)

Encourage your Church, Civic Group, Friends, etc. to join the Hand Up Network.

Everyone needs a Hand Up, Some Need it Now!