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I’ll Remember

Posted on October 29, 2015 in General Ministry | 0 comments

Memories, both good and bad, help define our lives.  We all have had experiences that became cornerstones in how we have ventured on our journey and molded us into who we are today.  Looking back, its good to remember and learn what it was about those foundation stones that have impacted us so much.

Glen Campbell’s Daughter, Ashley, Honors Her Dad – “Remembering”

Many are not aware of the challenges that each of us have faced.  We prefer to put the past behind us and look to the future.  It’s a good practice as we can not define our past, but we can look to change the future for the better.  We also should not forget the experience that we have developed over our lives and use it to make our future endeavors better.  There is no reason or time to feel sorry, or wish we could have done something different, its time to get focused on living life today.

God has blessed us all with a very unique skill set that is ours, and ours only.  No one is just like you or me.  What a gift we have been given!  We were provided an instruction manual, The Bible, that helps to provide a guide to use these skills to serve our purpose while on this earth.  Let there be no mistake, life is a gift from God, He has blessed us and in return we are to do our very best with this gift until we are called home.  It’s a short time in the broad scheme of things and we should not let the little bumps on our journey deter our effort.

Joy and sadness are realities of life.  The loss of my Family, Father, Grandparents, etc. was extremely hard on me as were other life moments that hurt deeply.  I will always remember the good and the bad.  It doesn’t define me, but it has, and will, help me to be better in the future.  I grew up listening to an 8-Track Tape that my Grandfather bought of Glen Campbell.  We played that tape constantly and I could sing every note, and would eagerly wait until my favorites would come back around…Rhinestone Cowboy, Galveston, even his rendition of Teddy Bear.  The entertainer was a great memory of my life and his current battle with Alzheimer’s has hit close to home for me.  His daughter Ashley, an extremely talented performer in her own right, just released the song above to honor her dad.  In a way, it honors all of my great memories as well.

Live life, love those around you, and most of all LOVE GOD!  He is, has been, and will always be the beginning and the end.  Remember!