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How can $1 turn to $16 and lead to $4 Million in Services to the Poor?

Posted on September 2, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Medical Ministry International was extremely blessed last week to have multiple donors pledge $250,000 to the ministry for a Challenge Match.  What is a Challenge Match?  It’s people willing to match your donation up and until $250,000 is reached.  Can you say, Wow!  The great news is that anyone, anywhere, can donate to the General Fund of the international organization and double the amazing impact that the ministry currently realizes.


Every single $1 given to MMI provides $8 in medical care and services to the poor.  This Sweet $ixteen Challenge Match doubles that impact to $16!  Where else can you provide a $25 donation and provide $400 in medical care!  This is an amazing opportunity and one that MMI must take full advantage to ensure that the poorest of the poor receive the care that so desperately need!  The result of a fully realized Sweet $ixteen Challenge can be $4 Million in services to the poor!

All it takes for you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity is to Donate to the General Fund of the international ministry.  This will provide the much needed resources to help us keep this amazing ministry optimizing our efforts and ensuring that lives will be changed.  Every amount counts and we need to take full advantage of this opportunity.  It doesn’t matter where you live and how much you can give.  Just give and watch the amazing results that you will play a role in making happen.

Donate Now to the MMI General Fund!