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Heroes in Scrubs

Posted on October 13, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The front line battle for disease continues forward.  The recent Ebola issues in the United States are highlighting the need for addressing the disease not only  in the US., but also at the point where it originates.  The recent verification that a nurse has been infected while caring for the patient that died in Dallas is an example of how serious this disease can be to treat.  The details are still unclear, but it sounds like this nurse came into contact with the disease during the process where protective gear is removed after the patient has been given care.  We don’t know this for sure, but it seems to be what has been communicated to us by the CDC.  It highlights the levels of danger that medical teams must face when trying to take care of those they serve.  These people are heroes in scrubs and if you didn’t know it before, you should now!


Medical Ministry International Medical Professionals Saving Lives

We are blessed at Medical Ministry International to have close to 2000 volunteers join with our teams and facilities around the world each year.  Many of these people are medical professionals that have spent their lives preparing to engage in very difficult, and in some cases dangerous situations seeking to save lives.  This is consistent with centuries of medical personnel and care givers that have been willing to put themselves into dangerous situations to try and help people and unfortunately risk their own health.  Florence Nightingale is a great historical example of this type of unselfish dedication to treat the sick.  During multiple times of illness and injury, Nightingale would go into the harshest of environments, seek to clean up the facilities that were housing the sick, and try to provide an environment for proper care.  Her dedication became legendary during times of significant illness.  It is also believed that her willingness to be around those with significant illness may have led to her losing her life to illness at a young age.  Medical people are dedicated to serving the less fortunate and yet many forget to give them the proper respect as they do battle behind walls to ensure the privacy of their patients.  Their risk should never be taken for granted and this unfortunate development in Dallas is just an example of the level to which these special people go to provide care.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale with her famous lamp walking among the Sick.

The history of disease tells us that the world will continue to be challenged by new and even more difficult diseases.  The great news is that God has provided the skills necessary to address and eliminate the diseases that cause significant loss of life.  Medical Science has provided vaccines that have eliminated many of the most brutal diseases people like Florence Nightingale faced during her life.  We should be confident that the greatest minds in the world will continue to carry this level of research forward and continue to help society deal with these types of disease.  This unfortunate situation in Dallas occured in a very controlled envrionment and though they are not exactly sure how and where the nurse was exposed to the disease, it was in a controlled environment where these heroes were working to save the man’s life.  Please pray for the nurse and her family (Her family has confirmed her identity, but I will refrain for her privacy).  This lady is a hero who risked everything to do her job and try to save a life.  We are very familiar with these heroes as we work with them every day all over the world.  Please add them to your prayer list as their efforts are making your lives safer as well!

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