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Help, Straight to the Point of the Spear

Posted on September 9, 2017 in General Ministry, Management, Opinion, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

How can I help?  Who do I send my support to?  Those are the questions that I am getting inundated with multiple times a day.  The question is understandable, and the answer is not as difficult as it might seem.



The answer is…..What is your passion?  Determine what it is you want to help happen, and then do a little investigation into those that help to accomplish your desires.  I am a big proponent of working at the local level with people that are not only engaged today, but still going at it long after the video cameras, etc. have moved on.  These are the people that are invested in their community and many times lack the visibility and resources to do all that they need to do to help those around them.  Sure there are large groups that do some good work, but many have large operations and overhead that dilute their resources and impact.  We want to come alongside the local groups and help them do their amazing work and we even go to the length to restrict our resources to doing exactly what we have come to support.



Many of our partners utilize volunteers and donated services to achieve their results.  This allows resources that we, and those that join us, provide to help those in need.  Pretty simple, but yet an elaborate program of execution and oversight to ensure that this all is accomplished.  This work is hard, and the stress on people is very high.  The great news is that hard work to achieve great results is well worth it in the end.  Lives are being changed, one person at a time.  Our partners on the ground are making miracles happen on a regular basis.  Just yesterday we talked to a police officer’s family in Dickinson, TX that lost everything to the Hurricane Harvey floods.  The officer was called into duty while his own house was being flooded.  The Officer and his family were rescued by boat so that he could go help others!  His family slept at the Police Station while he was in the community doing his job and saving lives.  That is the kind of stories our team’s are facing every single day and we are honored to be a part of the team.



As you are moved to help others, take the time to determine what you want to achieve.  Make sure your goals are met, and then engage!  Feel free to keep following up and hold those you entrusted accountable and also help get the message of hope out to others.  This work is hard, but when done well, it’s truly life-changing!   We are blessed with great partners and together, the great people in Texas will rise from the disaster and set a new standard for resilience for everyone around the world!

#Texas Strong #OurFinestMoment