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Help Save Lives!

Posted on April 24, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

How can you hear this story and not engage? You can help to save lives! One of the greatest challenges that a ministry faces is the ability to harness the emotion of those that hear their stories and use this motivation to save more lives.

There are lives being changed and in many cases saved as you read this post. The ability for people to engage and support this effort is the life-blood of the ministry. Many want to get involved, but may not know how. That's not a problem as we can help you!

Help bring visibility to the Ministry. Share our stories, facebook posts, videos, etc. so that people can see exactly where their support is going. The worst thing in the world for a ministry is to not be known. Telling and sharing our story can literally save lives and you can do this right where you are today!

Host an event. Gather friends, family, etc. together and we will help line up a volunteer, member of our staff, etc. to join you and give first hand account of what it is like to be a member of the MMI Team. We will even help you plan the event, line up guests, etc. as you are making a difference by helping to tell our story to those that may not be aware of the work we do.

Volunteer. This may mean joining a Project Team for a Week, maybeTwo, or it could be joining our staff for a year or more. There is something very powerful about using your blessings to impact lives and we can help facilitate your skills and put them into work within an overall strategy to optimize all that God has provided. We are about building capacity and the work being done today provides the foundation for the future.

Become a Steward. Help the ministry to do this work by sharing your resources and blessings so that others can provide the muscle while you provide the energy that drives the team. There are many that may never join our team in the field, but they do provide the support to make our work possible. MMI is very transparent and will be happy to share the information necessary to assure you that all gifts are being optimized to change lives. Last year 98.5% of all resources were used by our Programmatic activity.

Pray for our Team. We need prayer warriors that will stand side by side with our team in prayer. This is God's work and it is through His blessings that we are to accomplish all. This is God's ministry and we are honored to be his hands and feet in action.

Help us to save lives!