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Posted on October 31, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

There are probably few people today that understand the origin of Halloween as it has developed into a secular time to dress up fun and have a good time. Even the act of knocking on doors, etc. has long ago transformed into what it is today, a fun time for kids to dress up and get candy. It's turned into a time of celebration, everyone be safe and have a good time.

The history of All Hallows Eve originated from a time when people would pay homage to the recently departed and over time various rituals like carving gourds and dressing in costumes to scare away evil spirits were embraced by various societies around the world. Even the act of going door to door started with beggars asking for “soul cakes' that would be accompanied by prayers for the departed. I bring this history up, not to be negative about Halloween. A good friendly celebration is not a bad thing, people need a break from the chaos of life and if dressing up and enjoying some good fun with friends is the result, have a great time!

The sad news is that others choose to use this once solemn time to advance bad or endorse immoral behavior. That is where we must draw the line and not allow those with bad intentions to overtake what should be a good time. I can't help but think of the attacks that are starting to percolate in society, like trying to take God from our schools, public buildings, etc. You are more than welcome to believe what you wish, but do not try to tear at the moral fiber of this great country. That is where the line must be drawn.

I respect people's rights to believe what they choose to believe. It is actually a gift from God that you have the intelligence to make your own decisions. It is not my place to judge, but its not your place to try and change the society around you to fit your own desires. Many of the aspects that make a country great are the fundamental core values in which it was established. In the case of the United States, the foundation stones of our country are firmly planted in Judeo-Christian values and there have been many heroes over the last 230+ years that have shed blood to protect this foundation.

This foundation is directly related to the core value of who you are as a person. A strong and moral foundation can withstand all that is thrown at it, as it is firmly rooted in God's teachings. Any of you that have had the chance to visit the U.S. Capitol Building just need to look at the walls of the facility to see the strong reference to these teachings that were at the core of establishing this great country. These are not there by happenstance, they were very intentional. The Bible is our user's manual and should be used to provide the instructions to how we are to lead our lives. If this foundation is not to your liking, then you have every right to seek out an environment that is conducive to your own belief system, just stop trying to change the foundation of ours.

I hope everyone has a great time today. Act silly, enjoy the costume party, but don't let evil seep in and spoil a good time. The evil one is always looking for a crack in the foundation to tear it down. We are very blessed to have been given this additional day by God and let's be sure to honor this gift in a way that brings glory to God and all that He has given us while on this earth. That means that you should celebrate a good time with all, but never lose sight of the One that has provided you this chance to enjoy each other. Have a fun!