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God’s Prep

Posted on January 12, 2019 in General Ministry, Management, Opinion, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

During the journey of life, its hard to understand all the God is doing at a particular moment in time. It’s moving to look back and see that God was fully in control, while you were just working to make an impact each day.

Addressing the issues of Poverty in Africa

Laying the Foundation

Each step along your path, life challenges you in ways that can be overwhelming. This was certainly the case for me and every single event, good and bad, has helped to shape the person I am today. I’m certainly still learning while also using the experience and knowledge of the past to continue doing God’s work until He calls me home.

These life experiences have not been easy, in fact some of them were almost more than anyone could handle. Yet, it was through continuous discussion with God that strength and how to overcome these challenges became possible. Don’t get me wrong, many life experiences were very positive and the lessons learned from them were just as powerful an impact on my life. The difficulties, however, seem to resonate even more. Looking back, I am confident that God wants us to go through the trials of life so that we can learn, adapt, and get better at taking on each challenge before us.

Hurricane Harvey aftermath in Rockport, Texas

Making an Impact at Home

2019 marks a new beginning and I’m thrilled to be working on something that will bring our journey full circle. Every step along the way has brought us to this moment in time. The journey has provided the experience, knowledge, and yes, courage to make our biggest impact yet. We are bringing this lifetime of knowledge back to a community that means the world to our family and team.

We can’t wait to reveal the news and it has been a culmination of a lot of prayer, sweat, and tears. God is fully in control and has been at the center of all we have tried to accomplish around the world. It’s because of Him that we achieved success in saving millions of lives. It’s now time to use this experience to impact those in need, right here in our own backyard.

We are honored to serve! Stay tuned!

Sam Smith is an international CEO, Branding and Marketing Executive.  He has spent decades leading International Ministries and Non-Profits to record results for operations and service.   Sam shares his thoughts and passions at