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God at Work!

Posted on March 27, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

Yesterday, MMI hosted its first ever Virtual Flash Mob that had 28 countries from around the world come together at one time (11:00 CT) and celebrate Good News! We are thrilled by the response, now we are back to work optimizing the Ministry for service!

The excitement of the Flash Mob was great for our Team. It was a chance for thousands of people to view the new MMI Video but also to let people know about the needs of the less fortunate. This has never been about us, but about those we serve. 347 Million People died last year due to diabetes. 80% are in low and middle income countries we serve. WHO (World Health Organization) predicts diabetes to become the 7th leading cause of death by 2030. We can stop this from happening!

41% of all child deaths are among newborn infants. 75% percent die during the first week of life! 8.2 million kids will die during their first 4 weeks of life! That is what motivates our teams! We are making a difference and the potential is there to do so much more. We are working hard to get this message out to those that have the capacity to help us. Sure, many will never go to serve on our teams, but they can help and the impact can be great! It has been proven that 3 million of these babies could be saved with low-tech, low cost care that we can provide!

God has a plan, and our team at MMI is at the ready to optimize the resources He provides. We have broken records for Volunteers signing up for our Projects! That is great, but MMI is doing so much more with our Health Centers, Training, and Programs. It’s really about building capacity and making a lasting impact on each community we serve. We want these kids to live and our programs use the Teams, Centers, and Training to ensure that the impact continues to grow!

There is much to be done. Thanks to all who participated and are working hard to support this ministry. It truely is a labor of love and we are honored to be in His service!