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Focused on Jesus

Posted on April 17, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

We have had an interesting few days. It seems that a former member of our staff has copied our volunteer and contact base and decided to use it to contact those that, have and are, supporting MMI. The first response is one of disappointment, but then after you start getting all the calls asking about why they are being contacted, you realize that you must try to explain what is a difficult and sad story.

Jesus taught us to stay focused on the truth and we seek to continue along this path. He did however, throw over the tables in the Temple when people strayed from God’s direction and tried to create their own profit. Such is the case that we find at the moment. We must stay focused on the work of the ministry, but in that we also must protect our volunteers, supporters, staff, and donors from being harmed. There is a reason that these people are no longer members of the MMI Team. The act of taking the contact information from the ministry to be used to form another ministry is wrong, and illegal. We will address this situation in a proactive manner to try and protect our supporters. It’s sad that this has been done, but we never share our donor/volunteer information and consider the information a sacred commitment that we must protect. ¬†We have already put processes in place so that this will not happen again, and we will work to address the current situation.

What will not happen is that we won’t lose focus on that is happening with Medical Ministry International. There are so many great things happening right now and we do believe that the evil one is trying to dim the success that God has provided. We will not let him win. Jesus never let those trying to do Him harm take away His focus. We will continue to use His example to guide the ministry through turbulent waters. God is in control and we continue to be amazed by the support He continues to provide the ministry.

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