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Father, forgive them!

Posted on March 29, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI | 0 comments

Today, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus who came to provide an example and guide for us while here on this earth.  It is unfathomable the significance of this precious gift and yet we are humbled and honored that God cared enough about us to send His Son to live, teach, and ultimately die for us on the cross.

I am humbled beyond words that my God would care enough about me, a sinful mortal that tries to do good, but fails miserably at every turn.  We are human, prone to make mistakes, and yet our God cared enough about us that He would sacrifice His son so that we would understand His ultimate love.  As a believer, Jesus resolved us of our sins through his ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  The greatest gift that has ever been given.  We are not worthy of such a gift……and yet God loves us this much.

All of us have had eventful lives, some good, some bad, some distressing, and yet others joyful.  Through it all, God has been right there by our side.  He is with us right now, though we may be struggling and at our lowest levels,  He is with us.  He does expect us to continue to strive to do better, use the skills he has given us to improve who we are as humans, but He will never, ever, leave our side.  We are not worthy, but very thankful.  Praise you Father!

Let us never forget the lessons that Jesus has taught.  Let us strive so that through our actions we bring honor to our God.  We will fall, we will fail, but it is not about the challenges that God cares most about.  It is about how we handle the challenges that are lain before us.  The darkest times will become better, but only through our faith and the gifts that God has provided.  Let us not let the world around us cloud this point.  Easter is about Jesus.  He died, so that we may live!

Father please forgive us!  We are humbled and thankful for your precious gift!  Amen!