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Faith – Don’t Hide Behind it

Posted on April 30, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

People of faith get a bad rap.  Many have a tendency to let the mistakes of a majority reflect on all.  There is really nothing can be done about it, but at the same time we must be cognizant to be missional in our effort to live our lives according to Jesus’ teachings.  There are some that go overboard and though started with good intentions, can be using their faith to protect erratic behavior.


You see everyday where people work within an organization and the very fact they work in a “good intentioned” organization, they are automatically perceived as “good”.  The odds are in your favor if you believe this as most are good people and are there for the right reasons.  Others, however have taken advantage of a “friendly” environment and use it in their favor to sometimes do bad things.  It’s sad, but it just highlights the flaws of human behavior.  The only person to ever walk this planet was Jesus, and we are to love each other but also hold each other accountable to who we say they are.

I liken this issue to people trying to represent a certain persona, but if you get up close and get to know the real person, you learn very quickly that its all just a show.  Pretty disappointing, but thank God you learned now and did not let the farce continue on undetected.  It happens in every walk of life, but when the faith component is involved you are even more disappointed in what you find.


Unfortunately, its a reality that we must face during our faith journey.  It’s very frustrating when you meet someone of faith that has bought into the fake persona hook, line, and sinker and is blind to reality.  These are good people, but have just come to the belief that we should just continue to allow people to keep acting that way and somehow through prayer we will change them.  There is no question that God wants us to seek His counsel and continue to ask for guidance through prayer.  He also has provided us the intelligence to use to not allow ourselves to be deceived.  I happen to believe it is both scenarios, we should always seek God’s counsel, but also not sit around and wait for God to fix the problem.  In fact, He may be expecting us to fix it!

I don’t even come close to claiming I know all the answers, but I do know that when you see something that doesn’t look right, the odds are pretty good its not.  Dig deeper and don’t assume what you perceive is reality.  People of faith must keep each other in check, if you think of it we are all one team united in Christ.  Pretty awesome team to be on and the ability to impact the world is so much stronger if your team is all focused on the same goal!

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