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Exciting Times To Be On God’s Team!

Posted on July 29, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

The MMI office is a madhouse right now. We have some many things happening, project teams in the field, and this fall comes many exciting things that are unprecedented in the history of this ministry. We are energized by your excitement and the team being assembled continues to grow and strengthen to ensure that great things will happen in our effort to serve the poor.

You know it is interesting as there are many ministries that spend a lot more than MMI and yet don't come close to serving as many people and impacting lives. Some do it out of lack of oversight and processes, while others use vehicles that just don't provide a good return in relation to cost per services provided. We served 542,000 people last year in a budget of right at $3Million. Over 99% of all monies raised went straight to program execution. That is less than 1% overhead! No other medical ministry comes close to providing that kind of return and investment while serving the numbers our teams have been able to reach.

The great news is that is just the beginning. Our team is very focused on raising the bar and ensuring that we get even more efficient with our programs, but we are now also starting to get the word out about our ministry. You don't increase your impact on the poor by being the best kept secret in ministry. This just doesn't happen, but you can already see the changes going on. The MMI Teams are out there branded and sharing stories from the field. We have a Programs Team that is putting project development, assessment, and execution at a high level of focus to ensure we are who we say we are. The new MMI Development Team is working on a strategy this fall to increase our awareness and reach donors that may not know anything about this special ministry. And this is just the tip of the iceberg to all the changes being prepared to launch this fall.

We are excited, not because of the great work being done, but because God has brought together a phenomenal team to make this all happen. No, its not an easy road, but we have been approached by some outstanding people that see what is happening and want to be a part of seeing this vision become a reality. We are honored to have these and other join our ministry team, and the volunteers that are joining us for the first time, be prepared to have your lives change for the better as well! God is at work and we are honored to be onboard!