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Eliminating Obstacles to Save Lives

Posted on June 8, 2017 in General Ministry, Management, Opinion, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering, water | 0 comments

Addressing the needs of the poorest of the poor is not what we can call an easy task.  In fact, it’s very tough work and full of challenges and obstacles to give people a chance at a better life.



The best way to give people a chance to live is to take a holistic approach to the challenges that they face.  You can’t just go and focus on the immediate problem without determining what caused the issue in the first place.  Fix today’s issue, but seek to eliminate the source to break the cycle.  A great example of this is lack of quality water.  80% of all disease is water borne and if you can provide quality water, disease, food, and life can improve immediately.




Poverty knows no bounds and the ability to work, live, and survive is a daily challenge.  People need food, in order to get food you need to create ways to get it.  If you live in an area surrounded by drought conditions, you can’t grow food, feed your livestock, and thus have little to sell to gain income.  This is what a holistic approach to dealing with poverty is all about.  Focus on all areas that impact daily life and you will soon see a community overcome illness, homelessness, and unemployment.  It’s my passion and what motivates me to do this everyday.




How can you make a difference?  Keep following my journey as we have some exciting news and a digital platform that is soon to be made public.  We have spent many months proving the concepts and the results have been truly life changing.  It’s time to eliminate the obstacles and give all the chance to see the problem and help that exact issue immediately and eliminate all the middle men involved that could take away anything from the desired result.