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Ebola Hysteria

Posted on October 10, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

My goodness, please everyone, calm down.  The hype and uproar to the Ebola virus is so overblown and is causing needless panic.  Yes, Ebola is a bad virus, but it is one of the most docile and difficult to transmit viruses that those of us that work in the medical world deal with every day.  There has been one documented case of Ebola in the United States and he contracted the disease in Liberia, not the United States.  There have been ZERO cases of Ebola contracted in the United States and yet it is dominating the headlines while the real war being waged is in West Africa.

Ebola Map

Child Mortality Rates in the Developing World

Please don’t misunderstand me, Ebola is serious and the right people are taking the situation very seriously.  Could the governments around the world be more proactive in their efforts to contain the virus?  Yes.  The situation with the death of Mr. Duncan yesterday was exacerbated by the hospital making a very bad mistake and turning him away when he first noted the symptoms.  He went two days longer than he should before he was helped, and those two days could have made the difference in whether he lived.  That’s a problem, but one that has also helped to rally the medical community to ensure it does not happen again.  We need to be concerned about disease that exists in the developing world, and at Medical Ministry International, we are every waking hour of every single day.

If you are worried right now about how Ebola affects you and your family, you can do something about it.  There has been such a glaring lack of focus on the global health challenges in the developing world and it is my hope that these tragedies will lead to a better understanding of what we are up against.  You can help those on the front line of disease have the support and resources necessary to contain and address disease in the developing world.  It’s life-saving work, and in the long run it helps keep our world healthy as well.  There are good people, really good people, that have not done anything wrong and yet they were born in a country that is not blessed like we were.  We are intentional to build the infrastructure, facilities, and provide the training that will lead to stopping these dreadful diseases immediately.  We can contain, and in many cases eliminate many diseases that are long gone in the Western World, but the solutions are not in place where the disease still reeks havoc on the less fortunate.


These are wonderful, passionate, and quality people that have no sense of entitlement, and just thank you for being willing to help.

There is plenty of panic going on, and I would just ask you to relax.  The fight is not on our shores, but on the shores of West Africa.   Yes, the one case of Ebola that made it to the States has been contained and even with some mistakes made by the facility, no one else has even developed the disease.  It might happen, and if it does, the country is now on alert and putting provisions in place to address the situation.  We are blessed, but these blessings sometimes make us complacent and think that what happens elsewhere is not relevant to us.  That could not be further from the truth and the sooner we all understand this, the better job we will do at keeping it away from here.

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