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Don’t Cover Your Ears! Stand Up and Be Heard!

Posted on January 29, 2016 in General Ministry, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

There is an old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  This has never been more evident than the various politically correct crowd messages that seem to permeate the airways.  Minority views, questionable rhetoric, and frankly some pretty sad behavior seem to be getting more attention and dialogue in our society.  Why should we care?


The truth is that the majority in this country is allowing the minority to control the message.  The longer this occurs, the more that an impression of normalcy begins to relate to these disappointing opinions and behaviors.  It is a sad example of how our society get’s so caught up in our own world that we some times allow a message that we do not like, agree, or support to get a lot of attention without the other perspective being presented.  The term comfort zone comes to mind as many just go about their lives and as long as it doesn’t immediately disturb their daily activities, they don’t care.  We had better start caring as a look outside the cocoon reveals a world that none us want to become our own.

Radical fundamentalists are taking advantage of the lack of action and seeking to win people to their ideological ways of life.  Many of these beliefs, behaviors, and opinions are unacceptable to people of faith, and yet we have not made the effort to present the other side of the message.  I have traveled the world seeking to bring God’s love and compassion to those most in need.  These people are struggling, they are grasping at an opportunity to make a better life and in some cases, just live.  They are vulnerable and ideologies that may seem to be out there are embraced with the hope that there is a better way of life for their families.  Unfortunately, the meek become a victim and the sad news is it could have been stopped.  If only the world would pay attention and make the effort to share the message of good.

reaching the poor

The message of evil and the message of good have the same opportunity to make inroads into the lives of those that are listening.  What message are we comfortable in them hearing?  Do we continue to sit on the sidelines and let evil gain an even bigger foothold, or do we stand up and ensure that people hear a message of love and hope?  It may seem like these issues doesn’t affect us, but the degradation of the worldwide society is real.  We either step up and be heard, or the end result will not be something that we want for ourselves and our children.

Step up, get involved, and let your voice be heard!