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Does Superman Exist?

Posted on July 31, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

Obviously, the man of steel is all over the television and in the theaters now with the latest rendition of the tale of the superhero. I have to admit, I never knew that Kevin Costner had a superhero for a son, but that is another discussion for another day.

Yesterday, I was in Chicago working with my friends, Phil Cooke and Mary Hutchinson, spending some time with one of MMI's awesome doctors. I love this opportunity to spend time with our volunteers as it gives me a chance to understand who they are and how it led to them getting engaged with the ministry. In this particular case, I heard something that is very consistent in the world of Ministry……Love. This surgeon grew up in what could be considered not the best of areas but in a very loving home. She had incredible parents that were strict and ran a tight ship, but they also gave all the love necessary for this lady to learn the important lessons in life. She worked hard, she studied even harder, as her parents were both teachers. She developed a love for literature, the theater, and yet in the end, she chose to become a doctor. Why we will discuss in a minute, but this is a classic case of someone succeeding amidst not perfect conditions, and yet through love, she was not only able to succeed, she is thriving and now giving back to others.

Why did she choose to be a surgeon? Because she saw the need for women helping other women. This isn't about gender equality, but about love and wanting to help others who may not have been as fortunate. This lady is special in that she had an incredible support system that provided the love and guidance to achieve all she wanted in life. The part that really sets her apart is that she did not just take these gifts and live a great life in her own comfort zone, she has made it her life's calling to pay these gifts forward. Yes, in many cases it is a real sacrifice, but the sacrifice is small compared to the daily struggles that we see when we seek out those in need. This lady wears a doctors coat, but it could just as easily be a red cape with a big “S” on it.

Yes, Superman does exist, but not the one you think. The true superhero's are the ones that have chosen to share their gifts with others. They don't change in a phone booth, but they do change lives! So the next time you want to go watch a superhero in action, consider joining one of the MMI Teams. You will see the equivilant of tall buildings being leaped and the runaway train of illness be stopped in its tracks. I'm glad these heros are on God's team!