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Do You Have To Agree To Be Courageous?

Posted on September 25, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

Yesterday, I mentioned how regardless of your political beliefs, you had to be impressed with Ted Cruz's willingness under fire to stand up for the promises he made to his constituents. I used this as an introduction to my topic of the day…..leaving your comfort zone in service for others. The post had nothing to do with politics, and was meant as a way to stimulate thought and discussion. I chuckled at the number of people on both sides of the political aisle that saw this as a chance to get into a political debate. It has lead to me to ask this question today, do you have to agree with someone to call them courageous?

There are many people throughout my life that I have admired for their work ethic, their passion, etc. but I did not agree with their political beliefs in any way. I have met with numerous famous people including many Heads of State and though they may not have the same belief structure, we have always had a common place where we can have significant dialogue and in many cases come to an agreement in the best interest of those we seek to serve. It's really interesting that some people have relgated themselves to not listening to the dialogue, but just come down on one side of the fence without even thinking about the issue at hand.

If there is someone reading this today that says that they agree with every single thing that someone says, you are in a dream world or have just given up using God's gift of intelligence. You have been blessed with skills, intelligence, and resources by God to use as you determine. He has provided you a guide, but in the end the way you choose to live your life is up to you, no one else. It's a huge responsibility and one that I would encourage you to take very seriously. You have a very short time on this earth to make an impact. What will your legacy be when your life has come to an end.

I am very blessed to be surrounded by people of amazing courage. Each one has their own opinions and beliefs and I love to hear what those are even when I don't necessarily agree with them. There are many times that they provide a perspective that I have never heard and they convince me to give it a try, even if it may not be something I fully sold on. That's life! Each day is a series of decisions that you make that will determine your course for the day, some will go as planned, others will cause you to have to change course and follow a path that you did not expect. That is a good thing!

You see, if we all already have the answers, then we might as well lay down and die. Life is a journey. God brought us into this world for a purpose and its up to us to use the blessings we have to leave a lasting impact on those around us. Some of you may say, “I haven't really done anything, yet”, well actually you have. It may not have impacted the world they way you have wanted, but it did make some impact. Reassess your life, change where you are headed and begin a journey to make a difference. It takes courage to do this and those around you may not totally agree with your course, but that is their issue follow God's plan for your life.

The team at MMI is full of people that have made the jump from their comfort zone to work for the hope of others. Yes, in some areas we have to be extremely flexible and at the ready to change our course. These people come from all walks of life and many different cultures and belief systems. Yet, they all come together as one body in Christ seeking to impact the lives of those that have been crying to God for help. Yes, they could have taken the easy road and worried about their own little part of the world, but no, they had the courage to leave this and go change the future for someone that had lost hope for theirs.

You may very well not want to go forth and serve the poor in underdeveloped countries. There is nothing wrong with this. You can, however, leave a lasting legacy by supporting those that are willing to step out and go forth into service. Whatever the case, take the time to listen to those that are willing to step forward and be heard. You may not agree with their point, but you have to respect the fact that they are willing to stand for something and then do something about it. It takes courage and anyone that is willing to make this effort deserves your respect, regardless if you agree.