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Do They Represent You?

Posted on January 28, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Tonight is a big night as the President of the United States gives his yearly “State of the Union Address”. It will be a chance for the President to point to all the accomplishments he has had this past year and set a course for the future. Setting aside the specifics, does this President and those in attendance represent you?

Politics always becomes a messy discussion. Every person has a right to their opinions, but at the same time do they have a right to enforce those opinions on you? No. That is where the representative form of government comes into play. Each person that is elected to fulfill an office is representing you, not their own personal beliefs. It is the key component of a democratic society. The same can be said about any organization that you choose to support.

Medical Ministry International operates in much the same way. We are here to do God’s work, but can only do this if people believe in our work and want to support what we are doing. The ministry is accountable to each person that supports us just as those that are elected are accountable to their constituents. Sometimes, you have to wonder if those in government ever remember this?

Tonight as you watch the State of the Union, take a good look and ensure that those that are there representing you are doing the job you want them to do. If they are not, then hold them accountable and get people there that do represent you in the manner in which you want. This will only happen if you make the effort, just as we can only reach the poor if you step out of your comfort zone to help make it possible. In the end, we want to be represented for who we are, not what people think we should be.