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Distraction From The Bigger Picture

Posted on September 5, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

We talk quite often about the need to build medical capacity to thwart the impact of disease in areas of poverty.  It’s the core of our focus at Medical Ministry International in that we are intentional in our efforts to help the poor help themselves and not create a “welfare” mentality.  The Washington Post just released an article that touches on the fact that the ebola crisis in West Africa is distracting from issues that are far more devastating than even this horrific disease.  They have a point, but they miss the real issue and that is the establishment of medical infrastructure to combat all the illness being faced by the poor.


There is an old saying that any attention is better than no attention and unfortunately, this may be accurate.  It seems that the world only responds when a visible crisis takes place and the rest of the time they ignore the issues of the poor.  This is most unfortunate for organizations like MMI that work 365 days a year for decades to try and eliminate the cause of these diseases and provide the people on the ground the training and skills to help themselves.  Yes, going and doing good work is admirable, but if you are just coming and then leaving, are you really helping out the people you seek to serve?  These people need the facilities and training that can address these issues.  They want to deal with the issues they face, but they can only do this with the help and support from organizations that are of a development mindset.  Stop putting a bandage on a much bigger wound and let’s give these people the tools to help themselves!

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Fortunately, there are thousands of people that have joined with MMI to seek to build this medical capacity and provide the facilities, training, and services that address the long-term medical needs of the poor.  Their work may not get the visibility of sensational crisis, but the work being done will provide an impact that will last much longer than the “quick aid and leave” strategies that some implement.  Are you interested in empowering these people to address their needs head on?  If so, step out of your comfort zone and help us to develop this capacity for the poor.

We are in the middle of an amazing opportunity where a group of donors has joined together to sponsor a Challenge Match where we are able to double our current $8 for every $1 given to $16!  It’s a special chance to increase a significant impact on the less fortunate.  We don’t want to leave any money on the table and if we hit our goal, it will provide $4 Million in services to building capacity and services for the poor.  Any amount can make a huge impact.  Join with us!