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Christians at Peace…not Christians at Ease

Posted on November 20, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

The Bible begins with God, and any governing body best take heed that He is in command.  The Apostle Paul urged all Christians to pray for our leaders, kings, governments, etc. as a peaceful society allows the presence and word of God to be heard clearly without distraction.  Rules, Processes, and Authority are meant to separate evil and punish those who try to harm society.  Satan thrives in chaos.  A chaos that only can occur when others allow it to infiltrate our lives.  It is only at a point where our loyalty to God and Scripture is being hampered that we must be willing to stand up and be defiant to abuse of Leadership.


The term defiance can be misconstrued in that as a follower of Jesus, we are not called to be violent but to seek to follow the guidance in which God provided through Scripture.  The actions of a person in authority are to be respected, but when the actions violate the word of God, that crosses the line.  How are we to react?  Certainly not in a way the violates the law.  We are called to be missional in our efforts to follow God’s teachings and respect authority no matter if we agree or not.  Laws and those that construct and enforce the laws are to be respected.  If someone violates that trust, then you must rely on the law, leadership, government, and God to take care of the issue.

The amount of turmoil going on in the world can create a sense of instability in our society.  Jesus was a man of peace, He was also a man that held any and all accountable for who they represented themselves to be.  He relied on God’s word to address the wrongs being done and yet He also followed the law of the land as He taught the masses.  Never once did Jesus allow chaos to distract His focus and His commitment to God.  Jesus was always on His game, and we are called to do the same.  A follower of Jesus is not a wimp, quite the contrary, we are people that have a clearly defined path to follow.  We are strong thanks to His shelter and guidance.


While on this earth, we must stand up for what is right in the eyes of God.  We must seek out the sick, lame, poor, mute, and give them a voice.  We are to be defiant in our efforts to achieve this objective.  We are to respect the law of the land and look to our leaders to develop and execute laws to keep our society safe and stable.  These objectives must be accomplished together, not apart.  Laws must be carefully thought out by our leaders, debated, and executed so that the well being of all is considered.  Leaders must not intentionally create chaos as that plays into the hands of the evil one.  We are blessed in a Democratic society with a government of checks and balances.  Leadership is to be held accountable.  We have the right to a vote and must address dereliction of duty by anyone in leadership.  Those who fail in positions of leadership are to be respected, but that in no way means that actions that defy the law are to be tolerated.  We are at peace as we are blessed to know God and Jesus, but we should never be at ease.

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