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Change…even for Ronald McDonald

Posted on April 24, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

Coming out of the secular world into non-profit ministry work is definitely an eye opening experience.  You find many great people with a passion to serve, but you also find so many that need leadership and to be placed in the right positions to thrive.  It’s called…change, and something that we all need to address, regardless of what profession or role we play.  I was reminded about this today when McDonald’s, the iconic food chain announced that even the famous Ronald McDonald just completed a full makeover.  Even icons need to adjust to the times!



Anyone that lives in today’s competitive world must be ready to not only adjust to change, but they also must be able to embrace it.  There is such an obvious insecurity presented by anyone that can not adjust to tweaking processes, policies, strategies, etc. due to the climate you find yourself operating in.  Every organization does this and some may not be very visible, but the impact can be substantial.

It’s also interesting that the human mind loves to embrace the past, in fact we love to think back to the “good old days” and recapture a time of fond memories.  Unfortunately, we need to not forget that these are tomorrow’s “good old days” and we need to make the most of the resources we have at our disposal.  Some people get it, others just try to get by and cover their own backsides.  That’s not embracing change, that’s trying to survive.  Which are you?

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