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Calm In A Sea of Chaos

Posted on September 19, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The world of ministry is a challenge, and trying to operate one in more than 23 countries at one time adds to the fun! I tell people often that if you don't have a passion for the ministry, don't work in it as it is too tough a job! Those that do have this passion come to know very early in the process that the world we operate in is one of multiple challenges, difficult discussions, and yet the beauty of lives being changed for good!

It's interesting when I am traveling, I run across a variety of ledership. Some are in government, others in business, and still others involved in running local ministries. Each of these roles of leadership brings with it a very unique set of challenges. It's impossible for any of us to fully understand them all, but what is most important is that we do not allow the focus of each other's attention to divert the strategy of our organizations.

Operating an international ministry requires a very strong set of processes, rules, and a system of accountability. I have seen multiple times now organizations that started out as small “mom and pop” organizations that grow and yet have no foundation to be successful as they increase their scope and impact. We have been working hard at MMI to establish this foundation and yes, the sea is definitely a little choppy at times. That all being said, its so exciting to see how well this ministry team is coming together and all that they have already accomplished in our commitment to serving the less fortunate.

These are great people, in fact, awesome people! They have a heart the size of Texas and a commitment to work long hours, endure significant strife, and a passion to celebrate with those we are able to reach and provide a new chance at life! It's a very unique situation when you can love what you do, and also know that the poorest of the poor are helped because of the challenges that you are willing to face each day. It's not easy, but the most rewarding opportunity that any of us on the MMI Team could have ever imagined.