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We are one body!

Posted on February 27, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

There are many great ministries operating throughout the world, and if you haven’t noticed, it is impossible to be be all things to all people. It takes a team, both within and outside the organization to make everything work. So what does being of one body mean? Let’s take a look…..

There are many ministries that have been founded based off a need that was discovered while someone encountered a situation on their journey. If you think about, so was the early church as people like Paul began to tell the story of Jesus. That’s a pretty nice foundation to start with as it was the perfect example to follow. It is the exact reason that MMI has the mission statement that says…”using Jesus as our Guide!” Jesus is the perfect guide and it translates across most major religions of the world. Pretty great way to start off firmly entrenching the ministry in a strong foundation.

The next steps become more of a challenge. There are many ministries that are so focused on raising money that they become whatever their donor base decides they should be. It’s not a very sound strategy and one that ministries will find takes away their uniqueness and ability to be excellent at what they do. Anyone that believes that one ministry can accomplish all things is kidding themselves. We do serve a God that can do all things, but He also expects us to do our part. Within the organization exists multiple areas of specialty whether it be Accounting, Pastoral, Programs, etc. Each one of these is relying on the other to achieve the ultimate goal of service.

One thing that is for sure is that if there is not difficulty and challenge, then the ministry is probably not very effective. The enemy will always attack those that are accomplishing much and thus do anything in his ability to cause chaos and confusion. A team that is working together will not be deterred or taken out of focus all because they are one body, working to accomplish the objectives in God’s name.

Outside the organization exists like-minded partners that can help to staff areas of expertise that are not readily available. These organizations can come alongside and help to increase the impact and service while making the overall focus bigger and almost always better. A great example of this is the Churches around the world that work with MMI. These churches are from many different denominations, some have large missions programs, others have a Sunday School class that wants to make an impact. All have the potential to join with us and be very successful.

Other agencies, governments, etc. are also important so that the execution of any initiative has the support of not just the organization, but the community as well. Seek out these partnerships, do not be afraid! Yes, you should do your homework and make sure that your initiative is consistent with each groups vision, but if it is, amazing things can happen!

We are one body, and if every component functions together, God will make great things happen!