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Be Still and Listen!

Posted on July 9, 2018 in General Ministry | 0 comments

It’s been some tough and crazy times around here lately and this morning I focused on Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God”. In my study I also went to Mark 4:39 where Jesus was awakened by his frightened disciples while sleeping on a boat during a terrible storm. Jesus awoke after a very long day which had caused them to move to the boat to recharge…..”Peace, be still!” The rain and wind stopped and it was immediately calm.

God is our refuge….stop and just listen.

Life causes us to just keep moving, plowing forward, and bumping our heads against the wall…when God tells us to relax and give your issues to Him, just stop and listen…..recharge. It is in our hands to work through life, but God can help keep us centered and provide a firm foundation as we take on all that life has to throw at us.  Living in a fast paced world is certainly hard and it causes people, organizations, etc. to sometimes get so caught up on getting by, that they fail to stop and take a step back to get perspective.  

There is a tendency to let little things get you down.  It compounds at times and can become a tremendous challenge if you let it build.  You are not a superhero and it’s not a sign of weakness to be a bit overwhelmed at times.  The challenge is to know where to go to regain your focus, steady your foundation, and prepare to overcome all that has been thrown in your path.  Take a few minutes to just be quiet and ask God for guidance.  It may come in a variety forms, but rest assured, He is listening and willing to shoulder your burdens.

During this time of reflection and listening, one of my all time favorite songs popped up and I had to chuckle….God never said life was going to be easy and it’s the tough times, and how we handle them, that continue to define us even more than the good times. Yes, this journey is a Great Adventure…..thank you God placing this on my heart this morning. Saddle up…..hope to see you on the trail! 🙂