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Are you a Thermometer or Thermostat?

Posted on February 16, 2016 in General Ministry, Management, Volunteering | 0 comments

Our world is changing before our eyes.  The amount of vitriol, protest, and flat out mean behavior is sad but seems to be growing at a rapid pace.  Much of it comes from people that just jump on the bandwagon because it seems to be thing to do.  Really, is that what you want to be?  Do want to just pile on and express your opinion based on what is the current “in” thing to do?  Why not step out of the mainstream chaos and become a thermostat and set the temperature and tone you prefer?

award crowd

There are many people in this world that express to have a strong moral compass and seek to live a life that would honor their family and faith.  Unfortunately, many of these people sit in silence and allow the “theme of the day” to dominate the discussion in their community or country.  These loud voices get all the attention and thus control the discussion and bring forth discord, etc.  A great example of this was last night was the Grammy awards where people, that have been blessed to have voices that provide an amazing living, decide to use their platform to provide comment about things that they have no experience to even discuss.  It seems that they have decided that with privilege comes the ability to say or do anything that they want regardless of their experience or skill.  They are the vocal members of the “Thermometer crowd” that develop opinions based on what is the hot topic of the moment.


Where are the Thermostats?  These are the people that have a firm belief in the moral integrity of our society and are willing to step out and control the temperature of the discussion?  This is a call out to all of those that want to live in a world where God’s voice is heard and His word provides the firm foundation for which we go about our lives.  We must be willing to take that extra step and put ourselves out there to be heard.  We cannot allow voices, that seek to do evil or cause chaos in our communities, to dominate the discussion.  The more people hear good, the better our society becomes.  A bad message continually repeated, soon becomes the dominate message.  We cannot allow this to happen and take a step out of our comfort zones to ensure that the message of good is heard over evil always.

So what is your choice going to be?  Are you going to be a thermometer and allow the accepted message to be determined by someone else?  Or will you choose to help set the temperature of the world around you and be a thermostat?  The moral fiber of our society depends on those of us willing to put our actions out there to be heard.  God has given you the guidance and skill, its up to you to set the tone.