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An Island of Hope

Posted on June 26, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

We received a really nice note yesterday from a family that is currently serving the poor in a very isolated region. The note related to the fact that the husband had contracted malaria and it caused his glaucoma to make him temporarily blind. The wife and daughter had recently returned to visit friends and supporters in the U.S. and a MMI Clinic was able to provide care and comfort to help the man to recover. I love this story, one because the man is going to be ok, but also for many other reasons…

We serve an awesome God! He has provided resources and gifts to this ministry so that we are able to not only serve the less fortunate, but also help others doing the very same thing. Pretty awesome if you ask me! We are all one in Christ and it is together as a one body that we join together to seek those who are in need of care and love. Yes, we all have special gifts that contribute to the total effort, but the impact we make as a team is so powerful and yet very humbling to be in His service.

Many people struggle daily just to survive. They aren't looking to do anything but make it through the day and keep their family safe and fed. When illness strikes, many don't have anything that they can do to help their own and the feeling of helplessness takes over. What an awful feeling! Can you imagine being all alone, your child suffering from a life-threatening illness, and you have nowhere to turn. Human nature tells us that we can overcome many obstacles, but when the obstacle is something that you aren't familiar and you have no idea what you are dealing with, your mortality sets in quickly.

There is no way that any one group or team will be able to address all the challenges that are before us. That is the exact reason we seek to partner with like organizations, local community leadership, etc. to ensure that we optimize every single gift we have to make the biggest impact possible. We have proven over and over that those we serve don't have an entitlement mentality, but have come close to losing hope. Our teams become a lifeline that provides them a lifeline and when we work with other local groups, the footprint of care expands dramatically.

Ministry work is not about any one individual, but about the total body working together to reach those in need. This man is a loyal servant that has dedicated his life, and his family, to reaching the unreached so that they may have a chance to survive. We are honored to be able to help this family and we are there because others have made it possible for us to operate a clinic to help save lives. Yes, many involved are volunteers who have come to help, but without others that given of their blessings we would not be able operate. We are honored by their gifts and humbled to know that God has a master plan. It's a special feeling to know that we are but His tools being used to serve His people. Amen!