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All you have to do is make the effort….

Posted on September 6, 2017 in General Ministry, Management, Opinion, Patient Stories, Programs | 0 comments

It’s been interesting to work side by side with people of many faiths, cultures, and political affiliations.  Most of these people are in it for the right reasons, they want to help their fellow man.  It really highlights the number one most important quality that anyone who wants to make a difference must have…..the ability to make the effort.


None of us working in the devastation zone have any time for those outside this area trying to make political points or gain.  I am shocked by the various stories of alt-political groups trying to imply they need donations to help with the recovery from Harvey.  It’s absurd, ridiculous, and these people should be prosecuted for false advertising.  They have no regard for those in need, and yet are trying to take advantage of a tragedy to somehow gain a foothold in an area that really doesn’t want, or need, their kind of help.

People just need to help people.  Every single one of us has been in a position where we have needed the help of friends, family, etc. and have probably been bailed out of some tough situations a time or two.  If you were fortunate to not have been in the middle of this Harvey nightmare, then give thanks for your blessing by giving of yourself to help those that were.  Prayers, money, gifts in kind, they add up in a very good way, but you must make the effort.


Once you have decided to make this leap into helping, do your due diligence.  Ensure that those you are working with are in line with what you want to help impact.  I’m not a big fan of just giving to just give and not knowing where the gift is going to be used.  Ask the questions, look for the evidence in photos, videos, reports, etc.  No, don’t just look at a sad picture, but find out the story behind that picture.  Who was it?  How are they being helped?  Get the full story and you will find that the effort will change you as much as your gift changed those you wanted to help.  I like to call that God’s way of keeping our moral compass tuned in!  Make the Effort!