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All Glory to God in the New Year!

Posted on January 6, 2015 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Patient Stories, Programs, Volunteering | 0 comments

Medical Ministry International Challenge surpasses $300,000 goal and raises $450,000 for the poor!

We are so excited to enter a New Year to seek out the meek, the poor, the blind, and mute and provide them a voice for the future.  Yes, ministry is not easy and operating one that deals with medical issues of the poor adds even more challenges that we unfortunately have been forced to address.  Such has been the case in the last few years as the International Board of Medical Ministry International determined that new leadership was necessary for the ministry to thrive in the future.  This decision was not made in a vacuum and much time, prayer, and assessment of the ministry went into moving MMI forward.  The great news is that though many difficult decisions have had to be made, the ministry is now in position to optimize our resources for service to the poor.


Change is never easy, and there will be individuals and organizations that were formerly involved with the ministry that are not happy that they are no longer allowed to operate in a manner that has been determined to be detrimental to the ministry.  We have chosen to make these difficult decisions and move the ministry forward and will be happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.  These decisions have placed Medical Ministry International in a great position for the future and the changes are yielding significant results already.  The MMI Team around the world is thriving and we have added many new members to the MMI Network of Facilities, Associates, etc. Even more exciting is that based off of the recent response to our changes, there are many new Facilities, Associates, etc. that will be coming on board with the ministry, once the proper vetting has been done.  God is at work and we are honored to serve!


We thank all of you for your messages of love and support during these changes.  Your prayers, donations, and support have been felt by every member of our team.  We are thrilled to announce that the end of 2014 was the most successful in decades and it would not have happened if not for God’s blessings and your support.  The Donors that provided the resources for our Sweet Sixteen Challenge Match were thrilled to find out that this effort was a complete success as we not only met our goal of $300,000 but raised $450,000 for the general fund of the ministry!  Wow!  We are committed to optimizing these gifts and our 2014 financials show that .90 of every $1 received goes directly to MMI Programs.  That is a lot of lives being changed and is great news thanks to your generosity!

Healing for Africa 1

The future of Medical Ministry International is extremely bright and the difficult decisions have helped to sharpen our efforts for the future.  We are extremely excited and would suggest that you consider joining one of our Projects and be sure to keep checking the Project Calendar as new projects are regularly being added.  Also, you can become a MMI Life Changer and help us to stabilize the ministry income being a part of our monthly giving program.  Just $25 a month helps us to supply a hospital bed for a child and thousands of lives are impacted by it.  We continue to be reliant on your gifts, support, and prayers and with your help, MMI continues to make miracles happen every day!  Our work is expanding and those that had lost hope are being reached thanks to God’s love and your support of this ministry.

Happy New Year!

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